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Customer Testimonials

  • "Rich has been helping us maintain the bus now for about 3 years. After rebuilding the engine for us we've continued to take the bus to Rich for all mechanical issues that are either beyond me or that would take me far too long. What would take me a couple of long weekends takes Rich a day. He's helped us keep the bus on the road more consistently and got the bus running with a nice smooth pick up and more poke. Great!"

    - Daniel Bosworth
  • "My engine was bought complete as a 2.1 running engine, non turbo, but it was running really high compression. I only know a little bit about vw engines and i saw Richards advert in Volksworld, so i gave him a call, 2 weeks later i drove to Essex with my engine.

    Richard stripped it down and told me the engine was good, but it would run far to hot to be put in a splitscreen. I wanted to keep the engines power, so Richard made the suggestion of turbos, as you run lower compression but keep all the power and more. Richard contacted his friends at CB performance and we soon had a hide away turbo system on the way. Richard supplied all the other necessary bits and bobs including the turbo grind cam and a new set of pistons and barrels as there was a problem with one of mine.

    I fancied something different cooling wise so went for a DTM shroud, which has really good cooling levels. This arrived but like many fibre glass parts did'nt fit to well so Richard set about fitting it and the results are great.

    Richard finished his work on my engine after fitting new bearings all round, new cam, new cam followers, new rocker feet, new pushrod tubes, and a complete turbo system. I promptly picked the engine up after recieving information about with clutch to run, i fitted it to my bus. It fired up first time and i havent looked back since,i ran the engine in and ran a 17.5 1/4 mile on the 18th october but with a reaction time slower than a snails, i think the engine is good for a 16.4.

    All in all i was more than happy with Richrds services, he is a genuinly helpful guy and thats hard to find these days"

    - Adrian Lynch, Buckinghamshire
  • "I decided to restore my 1967 1500 beetle and had most of the work in hand apart from the engine. I wanted to stick with the original engine but give it a little more power. Richard stripped my original engine to look at the condition and then let me know my options, we decided for some basic machining work and then a rebuild with a Scat C25 cam, ported heads, upgraded oil pump etc.

    The work was completed to a very high standard and after I had all the tinware powder coated, the engine looks and runs like a million dollars with the addition of Weber twin ICT 34 carbs and a sports exhaust."

    - David Pettengell
  • "Richard built my 2387cc engine in 2008 and gave me all the advice I could need when I was purchasing parts and making engine choices. Being able to talk to someone 'in the know' was really useful and ensured I had the best parts for the engine.

    The build went well with Richard dealing with balancing, additional clearancing and jetting the carbs. He came along once I had fitted the engine to help with the first start up and cam bed in. This all went really well with no problems and it was nice to have the builder there when first starting up a hi po motor.

    Having heard all sorts of opinions from the arm chair and internet forum experts I was very pleasantly surprised by the performance of the engine, the Weber 48 IDAs are not binary, you can feed in the power gently and the car is very well behaved around town, under 4000 rpm there is no fuss or rough running, just lots of torque and grin factor. Once above 4000 rpm the power is brutal, ensuring that even the longest looking straight is actually a lot shorter than it looks!! The only work I've had to do to the engine in 1500 miles are the obligatory oil changes and tappet adjustments. It's been on the rolling road for some carb adjustment which was worthwhile once the engine was run in.

    On the strip the power is awesome, leading to 2 broken gearboxes so far!!! A 15.03 Qtr time on a gentle run is the best I've managed, but learning how to get the best from the engine and making sure the new gearbox and axles are up to the task will hopefully result in a high 13 time this year."

    - Alex Webber